Holy Body Transmissions:
The (G)odyssey

Healing the Shame of being a Girl


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Healing the Shame of being a Girl

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Healing the Shame of being a Girl

Feminine/Woman/Yoni: The Sound of these Word's can make women (people) feel sick and uneasy...Why? 
Because they carry the Shame of being born a Girl.

There is an extreme danger to this attitude, it has the power to block the gifts of womanhood, love and wisdom.

This transmission is for those of us who received the message "I wish you had been born a boy". This message can come through both or one of our parents and/or society as a whole. It is an uncomfortable place and an uncomfortable feeling. Mostly made up of guilt and shame for being - feminine. It is very important that we heal this early impression. What better moment - than now?

I believe we must heal that little girl who tried to contort her gender intelligence, and we need to heal the inner one who felt accepted, appreciated for being a 'tomboy'. There is so much to undo, and it is my greatest pleasure to travel this path with you.

This transmission would also serve to ease the sorrow of being one/or both of those parents who wished their child had been something else. Or a parent who felt they couldn't 'reach/love' their child because of gender confrontation. Many women are afraid of the term, feminine. Even the sound of the word can make them feel sick and uneasy. I used to be one of those people.


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