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Holy Blood Holy Grail


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Holy Blood Holy Grail

Holy Blood Holy Grail

Have your ever felt the deep desire to work with your menstrual blood in a sacred way of honouring the Great Mother and all the elements of Nature and yet experienced 'troubling' emotions that meant you never did... I know this feeling very well and experienced tremendous fears around this way of working. Slowly one step at a time I turned to face these fears and discovered a link I had with strong patriarchal opression which was causing a servere separation between the natural and the cosmic worlds. 

All these wounds are forms of separation - and within the core of separation is massive sexual disfunction. This transmission is in honour of all girls and women who carry these particular Magdalene Codes. These emotional energies/memories absolutely need to be made whole again. This is one piece of the Magdalene that is calling for authentic heart felt wholeness.

This work is a powerful and ancient wisdom that swiftly brings us into a maternal civilization, and will quickly transform any lingering beliefs or shadow emotions that are associated with blood mysteries.

  • Remember and reclaim the mystical power of your womb and connection to the Wise Ways of Whol(e)y Blood
  • Establish an intimate and rich connection to your womb, web of life and interconnection between all women
  • Activate (re-activate) your Womb's Wisdom for this time
  • Experience the palpable presence of the Black Madonna, the force orchestrating and leading us through the rebirth
  • Re-ignite your connection with the powerful presence of your ancestral lineage
  • Transmute your fear and repression of the Dark feminine and the darkness of her black light into deep reverence and respect

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