Holy Body Transmissions:
Sacred Marriage

Holy Fire of Heretical Love


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Holy Fire of Heretical Love

Lion's Gate Portal

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Holy Fire of Heretical Love

The Lion's Gate Portal opens on 8 August every year, when our sun in Leo aligns with the star Sirius. During this transmission, we will enter this portal at 8 pm (our time) unapologetically standing for and embodying Sacred Union with self and others. The Lions Gate is a time of increased cosmic energy flowing between the physical and spiritual realms. So, let's embody this, in a really BIG way. 

During this transmission we will bring down the Cosmic Light from Sirius, working with the elementals of AIR and Ether.


Bringing up the Earthy grounded shakti of Sekhmet, and the elementals of Fire and Earth.

All of this happening in the BODY of water, our own selves.

I/we/they will take us through this process, using the spoken word to erotically and gloriously bring us to the trembling edge of our erotic innocence.


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