Holy Body Transmissions:
Christos Sophia

The Holy Marriage


GBP £ 11.00

The Holy Marriage

The Holy Marriage

This transmission is a journey towards the altar of your own Sacred Union.  Using prayers and words to manifest a reality where your inner feminine and masculine can not only emerge but also come together before a Holy Presence and vow to wed for eternity. 

This inner sacred marriage is an on-going process but from my own experience performing an actual wedding has been one of the most significant acts I have undertaken to truly ground my soul’s path.  To commune with my inner masculine and feminine energies through the threefold flame of Love, Power and Wisdom, has been one of the most notable acts of alchemy I have undertaken.

This transmission will be prayed for from within the Chapel of Puivert Chateau, a Cathar Castle that will one day host our own Sacred Marriages in the flesh. 


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