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In The Wake of Narcissism: A Touch of Kindness


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In The Wake of Narcissism: A Touch of Kindness

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In The Wake of Narcissism: A Touch of Kindness

After watching Tinder Swindler and then Bad Vegan, I felt drawn to open up a healing space for those who have been through this experience.

On the 16th of April, the second New Moon of this month I am facilitating an online gathering where we can retrieve some understanding, and open to reconciliation. Not with the perpetrator but with ourselves. I too, have been through this ordeal, some 13 years ago. One of the things I noticed throughout my recovery was how vulnerable I felt – everywhere. I wasn’t sure whether I could trust or love again, I wasn’t sure I could trust my ability to choose good friends, or a loving partner. I felt unprotected, that even I wasn't able to discern who was good or dangerous to me.


I remember walking around in Covent Garden in London and how a kind loving face would ignite those burning tears again. I knew I had been damaged in some way, and I didn’t know how to repair myself. I buried my head in books on this subject, getting to grips with Jung and the Dark Night of the Soul and Eve Lorgen’s perspective on the Soul’s Predator. Armed with understanding, the pain still did not leave me. What brought healing was the Holy Spirit, the inner comforter. Slowly, steadily, I began to thaw, and release the clenching of such utter shock. Tonight, in the warm confines of our body, I wish to use my voice as medicine to extend a healing balm from a now courageous heart to a fragile, weary and battered one. Let this time of safety irrigate the barren terrain where once your innocence, joy and trust flowed freely. This particular path of healing takes time. Go steady, have faith that your healing will restore and bring an extra strength *because* of your time with the narcissist. There is a profound gift buried in the dark heart of this experience.


Perhaps, tonight we may glimpse it.


For 30 mins I'll tell some tales of the Predator, bits of my own story and poignant pieces I heard along the way. Then, we shall enter a place of prayer, where, with grace, the Great Comforter will be surely beckoned to hold you safely as you pass through this Dark Night into the Light of a Thousand Suns.

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