Holy Body Transmissions:

It's Not Wrong to Be a Boy


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It's Not Wrong to Be a Boy

New Moon

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It's Not Wrong to Be a Boy

This is a reach out to any man that was once a boy...that was in anyway made or left to feel he was simply “wrong” for even being born a boy! Right from the get-go, if you are like me, I have this personal feeling of being sneered at for simply being a opposed to being a woman. “The wrong Sex!”, “You wouldn’t understand; you’re just a boy”, “...don’t go there; that girl’s stuff”.

This recording, with its appeal to the heart of both women...but especially men, is the simple recognition that we need to put a healthy stop to this gnawing collective sense of wrongness so that our sons can grow up to be more than we ever could and help us men to directly experience we may, or may not, have done things wrong but WE ARE NOT WRONG FOR BEING MEN!


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