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Know Thyself: Reading the Akashic Records


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Know Thyself: Reading the Akashic Records

Know Thyself: Reading the Akashic Records

Oracles of Delphi Ritual

During this Ritual we will be lead by the Pythia who is commonly known as the Oracle of Delphi, and was the name given to the priestess of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi who served as the oracle. Once standing at the steps that lead to the Hall of Records, she will escort us on our journey as we begin to enter the world of Gnosis, as we become exposed to transmission of these Holy Records.

This transmission is a quantum leap into the activation of your Temple Codes, embedded within your deeper mind. Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi is a High Priestess of Prophecy – She holds the gift of knowing what will happen in the future.  But before we can read the future, we must first be able to read the past, clearly, concisely and with great emotional steadiness.

For a Temple Priestess to Re-Member, She needs to Re-Member she is a Temple Priestess.

  • Connect with the Presence of Pythia, the High Priestess of Delphi
  • Receive and embody the deep-mind presence that opens the Hall of Records 
  • Initiate Gnosis by integrating the Codes of Delphi and their contribution to the Lineage of the Feminine Principle
  • Fortify your Temple Journey as you align with Truth, as your barometer of what is Real and Unreal.
  • Know The Truth.  Who you/they are, where you/they came from, where you/they are going

This is profoundly "Mystical Work'.


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