Holy Body Transmissions:
Christos Sophia

The Maiden of Light (Menarche Rebirth)


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The Maiden of Light (Menarche Rebirth)

The Maiden of Light (Menarche Rebirth)

The Maiden of Light is an aspect of Sophia that is virginal, untouched, untainted, betrothed to God and utterly pure.  For this transmission we shall we working with the Feminine Rite of Passage called Menarche – the first menstrual cycle.

During this transmission we shall invoke the Maiden of Light, to pray for a rebirth and restoration of our Menarche period.  To heal all and any emotions around that time that may have been associated with a sense of loss, that no Rite of Passage was preformed, no celebration.  In its place an unspoken shame and regret that had been passed down through the feminine ancestral line.  By receiving this transmission, we can go back to our early days and give ourselves that initiation through the lineage of the “Ancient Mothers’ like the priestess Queens before us.

Not forgetting that this is a Full Moon, and on that night the Gypsies of Europe will be celebrating the Return of Sarah, daughter of Magdalene and Yeshua, and quite obviously a Maiden of Light.

The Maiden of Light is an aspect of the Sophia that ‘gives her modesty’, betroths herself to God. By choosing the Divine as our first partner, the womb becomes sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit. This aspect of her is another part of the Blood Mysteries, an ancient practice of working with the womb, ovulation and menstrual cycle as a part of a woman’s (and man’s) spiritual path.

This mass transmission will be offered over the Full Moon, but it is a transmission that would be wisely received again during the first night of your Ovulation.  When you sign up for this transmission you will receive an audio and PDF, use this again in the same way for the first day of your ovulation.

Men can receive this transmission as a gateway into the Maidenhood of their Beloved Sophia and the healing of any sexual guilt, shame and disgust.


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