Holy Body Transmissions:

Sacred Marriage: Born Ready/Afraid to Die


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Sacred Marriage: Born Ready/Afraid to Die

Spring Equinox

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Sacred Marriage: Born Ready/Afraid to Die

 On the Spring Equinox (Friday) let's unify the part of us that was born ready for this global crisis we now in, with the other part that may be afraid to die, and senses no favourable future. By bringing these two parts of us together as one, we will bring about an actual, grounded union that will bring our courage to the forefront, our actual clear seeing and herculean fortitude to easily withstand these times.

On this day of perfect balance let's discard any illusions - and face this situation face on. Honouring the part of us that 'knew' this was coming, hence the reason for being here, and the drop in energy and purpose brought about by the fear. This kind of inner work summons a tremendous and lasting foundational shift, bringing steadiness, resilience and faith in these challenging times. Now that we are in quarantine - we must develop an adamantine practice. One in which we will rise - like a butterfly leaving behind it's discarded cocoon.

This is our moment beloved friends, all the initiations, all the tests, challenges and mystical states - all of that was in service to this. On the day of the transmission, you will receive a spoken audio file and PDF which are yours to keep and use whenever you feel to.


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