Holy Body Transmissions:
Womb Mysteries

Mother of Dragons


GBP £ 11.00

Mother of Dragons

Mother of Dragons

On the 12:12 Gateway let us meet the Dragons and receive their Womb Transmission. Along with the Black Bears, Orca Whales and White Lions, they wish to become known as the natural holders of Womb Wisdom upon the Earth. The essence of the Dragon is Authentic Authority, a rightfulness of Primordial Power. When you can stand amongst 3 Dragons, and rightfully direct their power by becoming The Mother of Dragons – then you are ready to meet them

This transmission would serve:

  • The receiving of Gnosis from the Dragons
  • The Revelation of Power from the Primordial Realms
  • Administering the Right Use of Power for the benefit of All
  • An interaction with 3 Dragons

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