Holy Body Transmissions:

Myrrh: Holy Fire of the Shekinah


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Myrrh: Holy Fire of the Shekinah

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Myrrh: Holy Fire of the Shekinah

During this transmission, we will retrieve our wisdom of how these ancient elixirs have been used in ritual practices since time out of mind. Myrrh, in particular, has an incredible connection with the 'fire' of the Divine Mother, this ancient oil will - if you open to it - bring you to the embodiment of the Shekinah, the wild holy force of the Divine - and how it wants to move through you.

It seems the power of these oils is returning to our everyday lives, not as a modern form of aromatherapy - but as a recognised authentic priestess tradition.

The healing grace within these oils can relieve and heal us as we face the many forms of death and emotional blockage as we transverse this vulnerable and shaky time.


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