Holy Body Transmissions:

Myrrhophore Temple: Dreamcatcher


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Myrrhophore Temple: Dreamcatcher

Full Moon

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Myrrhophore Temple: Dreamcatcher

A long, long time ago, there was an ancient tradition of women who worked with sacred oils for the highest good of All. These women were called Myrrhophores, also known as myrrh-bearers or mistresses of the oils. They were priestesses of an even older order whose time has returned and is with us once again.

Dreamcatcher is an exotic formula designed to enhance the process of dreaming and visualisation. This incredible oil, on the first occasion, gave me the ability to see and remember with brilliant detail. I sense, more than ever, that remembering and enhancing our ability to not only dream but contact and commune in altered states of consciousness to filter through our knowing-ness, a remembered sense of wisdom and essential guidance. 


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