Holy Body Transmissions:
Goddesses, Mystics and Holy Women

Nyx: Trusting the Dark Night


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Nyx: Trusting the Dark Night

New Moon

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Nyx: Trusting the Dark Night

Nyx is the Greek Primordial Goddess of the night and the daughter of Chaos. Her birthplace was not on Earth but in Gaia. During this transmission, I ask you to be outside, in the dark - and together, we will walk through that darkness while listening.

This transmission is in profound honour of the night and the palpable mystery of the unknown. To be willing to step out into the dark and to have an experience of being able to trust that. Nyx will be with us. We will touch the fringes of the primordial and the immense power that lays dormant in the night.

Tonight is the night to discard our fears of the Dark Night.


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