Holy Body Transmissions:
Christos Sophia

Primordial Womb -The Black Madonna


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Primordial Womb -The Black Madonna

Primordial Womb -The Black Madonna

Enter the breathing darkness, the living silence behind the pulse of your own sexuality. Drop like the stone from the ocean of commotion into which all is born where you can breathe the mystery of your self, and meet once again the person you are destined to become. Walk with me, take my hand as I guide you to the place that you have known your whole life, allow me to remind you of what you love most in this world.
Let us jump at the opportunity when the veils are most thin, to meet your own self in a closeness that may at first startle you. Tonight is a night of true magic, through the grace of transmission allow a story teller to enchant you in a way that you know truth has been received. 

Linking in beautifully with the energy of Halloween, this transmission opens up the pathways to enter the primordial womb, a rich and resurrecting realm. Using this auspicious night to restore our primal connection with our womb-center, an exhaustless source of power, creativity, security and sacred space. The womb is our Universal Grail, Holy of Holies, and the place of potential Light Conception that can be retrieved by everyone and used to tap into our Divinity. But first we must unlock our own perinatal memories of birth before we can activate our Womb Power and rebirth ourselves through Immaculate Conception.

  • Establish an intimate connection to the Mother, Divine Feminine in all her aspects, retrieving parts of self along the way
  • Accept and integrate that the Mother energy is playing a huge role in your life right now, and SURRENDER!
  • Experience the Black Madonna, the mystical ‘redeeming force’ that brings about the alchemical rebirth
  • Transmute your fear and repression of the Dark feminine and the darkness of her black light into deep reverence and respect

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