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Queen of Tantra

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Queen of Tantra

Call forth your beloved. Ask. Ask for what you deeply believe you are now ready for and ask clearly. Ask for exactly what you deeply believe you want. Ask for the kind of person who could be with you intellectually, spiritually, emotionally. Ask. Make a very clear picture in your heart, mind. And ask because you truly want to be infused with the divine energy to do the divine work in the world.

Don't just ask for your own personal satisfaction. That's a wonderful thing, but we're in a world crisis. What we need are people willing to work in the world. Ask that this tremendous infusion of energy and hope and joy that would come from the tantric relationship to help you birth yourself in the world. 

So it's very important to clarify your intention. It's very important to really put your heart on the line with god and beg god for what you believe you need. That's very important. This is what you want because god can introduce you to your tantric partner in a bus stop, coming out of a restaurant, sitting next to somebody at a play. 

You don't need to be in a very vibrant, vital spiritual world. You can be walking down the street in some godforsaken hole in nowhere and meet the person that you're meant to. What you need to do is to create a field around you of deep longing and prayer and let god do the rest.

Use this time and space wisely to:

  • Heal your disappointment and broken hearts, imagining that you already met them and it didn't work out
  • Transform your empty tiredness and feelings of growing old and happily accepting your own death because it never really did quite happen for you
  • Elevate the story of 'I can do this by myself and don't need anyone else" justification 
  • Uplift the energies of "I am too complicated, deep intense, enlightened, empowered etc"
  • And especially transform the "I am just not destined to meet him/her in this lifetime" belief structure
We need to instigate this NOW! AND to quietly accept that these tantric unions will not be grounded in romance but be committed to playing a tremendous role in the Great ReBirth of our planet, species and soul. 

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