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Re-Activate Your Temple Oaths


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Re-Activate Your Temple Oaths

Re-Activate Your Temple Oaths

Many of us are now remembering our pre-destined ‘pull’ towards the Temple Mysteries and our ‘hands on’ agreement to restore these ancient rites at this time.  This transmission opens the place and place within us so we can safely and solemnly declare our oaths to the Temple by calling on the Holy Sophia as witness to our own Re-membering.

The key here is the verbal utterance in the ‘presence of’ SOPHIA. 

This transmission is a quantum leap into the activation of your Temple Codes, embedded within your womb.  Every Oath/Vow/Promise requires a catalyst to Remember – and this quality of transmission carries those triggering energies. Once these Oaths are surrendered into and witnessed – the embodiment of the Temple is another step closer.

For a Temple Priestess to Re-Member, She needs to Re-Member she is a Temple Priestess.

  • Verbally utter out loud your Temple Priestess Oaths that have been embedded within your womb for safe-keeping
  • Knowingly spoken in the Living Presence of the Holy SOPHIA
  • Hidden by yourself, to be retrieved by yourself
  • Initiate the active allegiance between your voice and womb, through the heart
  • Fortify your remembrance, and live by what you know

This is profoundly "Mystical Work'


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