Holy Body Transmissions:
Womb Mysteries

Receiving from the Aboriginal Kangaroo


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Receiving from the Aboriginal Kangaroo

Receiving from the Aboriginal Kangaroo

On this day let us meet the Aboriginal Kangaroo and receive their Womb Transmission. There is a mystery with the birth of a Kangaroo and their time in the pouch. This is the essence of their teaching – complete and utter no-knowing-ness. When born they are a tiny red fetus – and yet they climb up the Mother’s leg and climb into the pouch. During their time in there – something happens…. And this is what you will come to terms with in the transmission.

When you can take a whole day off, stay in bed/meditation for the entire duration of 24 hours in the dark – then you are ready. And that Aboriginal Kangaroo spirit will come …

This transmission WILL serve:

  • The receiving of Gnosis from the Aboriginal Kangaroo
  • The Revelation of Darkness from the Fires of the Black Sun
  • An initiation with an Aboriginal Medicine Animal

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