Holy Body Transmissions:
Womb Mysteries

Receiving from the Orca Whales


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Receiving from the Orca Whales

Receiving from the Orca Whales

Never before has life seemed so challenging, dynamic and unpredictable. The times we are in seem to be filled with one surprise after another. We are being rocked to the core with initiatory events that force us to rely upon our deepest inner strengths as beings to pull through the complex difficulties that arise.

When its this intense, that's when I turn even more deeply to the Animal Kingdom. For me the Orca Whales are the ones to walk (swim) with us into the depths, offering escortship, know-how and a language that soothes and tones our nervous system.

Along with the Black Bears and White Lions, this animal medicine is with me always. They wish to become known as the natural holders of Womb Wisdom upon the Earth. And their particular presence has a gift of awareness that can only come through them.   The essence of the Orca Whale is Formidable Trust.  In your nakedness when you can swim with a pod of “Killer Whales” into the black depths of an ocean to breach up and out into the glorious sunlight of unknown potential – then you are ready

This transmission would serve:

  • The receiving of Gnosis from the Orca Whales
  • The Revelation of Wisdom from the Supernal Waters
  • An interaction with a ‘family’ of Orca Whales

Womb Mysteries Transmissions:

  • Black Bears - Tear you open to reveal your Sacred Purpose and then protect you from Sabotage
  • Orca Whales swim with you towards Galactic Centre to absorb all the dark resources to manifest, create and anchor
  • White Lions roar with formidable christed leadership, with great authority and grace they do not move from the Truth, and they will hold you to yours.

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