Holy Body Transmissions:
The (G)odyssey

Receiving the Heart of the Masculine

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Full Moon
Friday 23rd November, 2018

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Receiving the Heart of the Masculine

Our inner man and inner woman have been at war for a very long time. They are both wounded and tired and in need of care. It is time to put down the sword that divides them in two. I believe our future rests only on the shoulders of a unified being, and wise, loving couple who respect one another immensely. 

Our old patriarchal masculine voice will relentlessly push us, insist only on winning, being the best, the fastest etc. will berate us if we fail, or show weakness in any way. Will judge us if we rest, or take it easy. During this transmission let us hear our NEW masculine voice, that is not contaminated by patriarchy or power conspiracies. 

During this transmission, my husband Pete Wilson will speak the words from the Masculine Heart in a very intimate and personal way. The work is to allow them in on behalf of your own inner masculine. We have to believe we are worthy to accept and welcome this quality of energy from our own masculine principle, and eventually from all other men, be they sons, fathers, lovers, brothers and friends.

To really let this in, is a very real and touching Act of Love. 


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