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Release The Gate Opener


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Release The Gate Opener

Release The Gate Opener

In the Soul Family there is "The Gate Opener" and this one is always 'unavailable"... that is the design. When you meet them you imagine this is the “One”… His/Her job is to serve the opening of the sacred heart and the revealing of your Soul’s Work.

They literally 'break your heart' .... Open.  So the gift God placed within you - spills over.

Our Great Learning is to Let Go, and not cling. Release them completely. And allow the crocodile to take you down into the great grief cry. Be willing to trust in your Soul’s Work, and then "The One" will appear. This is almost a guarantee (if you are willing to trust the process).  And This “One” is one who Is:




And then you will 'know' that these words are True.

This transmission is to support and bring forth this process, so that you can let go and glean your mystical wisdom from such an encounter.  Allow yourself to soften into the mystical support that is pouring through this transmission


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