Holy Body Transmissions:

Releasing the Past Year and Clearing its Residue


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Releasing the Past Year and Clearing its Residue

During the portal that is New Year's Eve, we will journey together to release all emotional dramas, entanglements, residue, attachments and hooks back into the past year concerning other people, places and situations. 

It is important to consciously allow the year to be recorded in the Hall of Records as a past event, not something that goes with you into the New Year.

Beloved Friends, join me on the Eve of the New Year to Let Go(d) of last year and clear the residue from all our parallel timelines. You know those moments when we think "I wonder what would happen if..."

Well, I believe all those thoughts go on to create other scenarios that hook our emotional energy and lifeforce - so it's important to clear all these 'lines of thought'



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