Holy Body Transmissions:

Return of the Grail King


GBP £ 11.00

Return of the Grail King

New Year's Day

MP3  and   PDF files
delivered to you via email.

Return of the Grail King

What a way to start 2019 by listening to the voice of the Return of the Grail King. This is also the title of my second book in the Pistis Sophia trilogy and I am going to speak him into form. 

This is the voice of the Divine Man, the voice of Logos, and through this transmission, you will fathom out the path you need to take to encounter him. During this transmission, you will get to experience any resistance you may have to actually engage with him in the flesh.  What better way, than to know first-hand, before he shows up, how you may indeed shy away from such a pure and impeccable being. 

During this transmission, you may also gain an insight into your work together, and how once again, how a certain path or sequence of events may need to be taken first before you guys can meet.


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