Holy Body Activations:

Sacred Creation


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Sacred Creation

Sacred Creation

Awakening the Forgotten and Creative Powers of the Masculine and Feminine

The Priestess and the Priest worked together harmoniously to recreate Heaven on Earth. The Priest developed the IDEAS or VISIONS. The Priestess, possessing the SACRED MANIFESTATION POWER, made the visions take their shapes. The Priest developed the ideal, you might say - The Priestess made the ideal, real.

This is the power of manifestation. He was the architect, the engineer. She took what the concepts, and used her TRANSMITTING powers to create it in manifested form.

She knew how to wrap the energy around her, intertwine with it and link with it in such a way that she was inseparable from it. The High Priestess in each Temple had the gift of bringing into form what was needed there by those who lived there.

This is a glimpse of the New Paradigm and where we are heading. Please use this activation to awaken these energies within yourself and to also heal any emotions that do not trust or open to this way of working.


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