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Sacred Gateways

Sacred Gateways - All 10 Transmissions


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Sacred Gateways - All 10 Transmissions

Receive all 10 Sacred Gateways Transmissions Only

A woman must become the Keeper of her Sexual Wisdom, and be prepared to be self-fulfilled, elegant and uncompromising. Only for the love of such a woman will a man give up the selfishness that keeps him from realising the principle of divine love that he is.  If we cannot take this journey with another - let us take it together. Spirit and Woman are coming together. Now is the time to remember our dignity, and to reach for the Higher Love.

A sexually conscious woman - is a fully awakened woman.

The last weeks with you and the other ladies were mind blowing and feminine awakening! You are such a gift for our sisters out there. To all sisters out there: if you want to re-connect to your femininity and start birthing your life - go for this seminar!

- Meerah Baum, USA

This training would serve:

  • The awakening of your Temple Priestess skills
  • The precise and accurate receiving of this feminine template
  • The Preparing of your sexual subtle anatomy to welcome another
  • The Preparing of your whole self to work with women and men
  • The healing of every kind of sexual guilt and shame
  • The liberation, healing and health that this quality of work brings – in abundance!

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