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Sacred Thunder: A Dakini Blessing


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Sacred Thunder: A Dakini Blessing

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Sacred Thunder: A Dakini Blessing

The Vajra in Tibetan Buddhism is the symbolic tool of the thunderbolt, which is capable of destroying illusions, mental obstructions and pandemic fears. Only with the purest force, can we break through these illusions and release the inner light. Imagine now, that our true nature is attempting to be held captive by beasts such as anger, fear, control and dishonesty. This is most likely the state we are in brought about by the Coronavirus global pandemic. 

But I want you to Take Back Your Power!! 

Machig Labdrön was an 11th century Tibetan dakini yogini whose teachings and practices of Chöd (literally “severance” or “cutting through”) have profoundly influenced all schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Journeying with the energy of Machig we will feel the embodied, enlightened, fierce power of the tantric dakinis.

This level of fear that our world powers are generating needs to be met by an equal and adamantine force of Grace. This is what this transmission brings. Through the diamond presence of the Dakini's let's unleash this equally powerful force that will destroy the grip these beasts attempt to have on us. The Vajra is the tool.

In true Dakini style, this transmission will lead you to that force within you. 

 PDF and audio recording will be sent to you on the day, which can be downloaded and kept for your use anytime you feel. 



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