Holy Body Transmissions:
Sacred Feminine

Shakti Rising


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Shakti Rising

New Moon

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Shakti Rising

Shakti Rising

This transmission is a recorded video (and audio) of ‘How To’ activate and lift your Shakti essence up through your yoni/lingam, into your spine and out through the 3rd eye. This very basic ability sets the foundational stone for the other transmission this month.

As I prepare for Sacred Yoni Awakening this summer, I have found myself entering a phase of ‘no o’ (orgasm), whilst keeping my sexual fire stoked and tended.

There is an astonishing connection between the brain and the yoni, and the clitoris and the 3rd eye. If you do not ‘spend’ your sexual energy through orgasm but instead recycle back into your subtle anatomy – profound transformation is yours.

This visual transmission will map the inner journey, both physical and subtle, providing a tried and tested route of ascension, whilst collecting the glandular essences that shall nourish the nervous system in lavish and empowering ways.

A real ‘must know’ technique for both men and women.


Artwork used with permission and gratitude by Brooke Shaden -


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