Holy Body Transmissions:
Christos Sophia

Sophia Nigrans: The Radiant Darkness


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Sophia Nigrans: The Radiant Darkness

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Sophia Nigrans: The Radiant Darkness

The Christos Sophia transmissions invoke and communicate with the presence and power of the Holy Bride – the female emanation of the Christos, Christ the Sophia (Wisdom). The Holy Bride is known to have seven faces and three aspects; which are the Maiden of Light, the Mother of Royal Blood and the Lady of Radiant Darkness.

By invoking the Lady of Radiant Darkness – the ‘Sophia Nigrans’, we can liberate Holy sparks of ourselves that are bound in darkness. In essence, Sophia Nigrans is the contradiction of every preconception, precondition, or expectation of enlightenment. Yet she is the very spirit of enlightenment itself, shattering all illusions of the self-righteous ones, freeing us completely from every kind of bondage.

Sophia Nigrans is the aspect of Sophia that leads us into the dark nights and mystical death, through which rebirth in the Spirit and unification is obtained.  Sophia Nigrans in essence is perfect beauty and holiness. If you open your heart and mind to her, inviting and welcoming her presence into your self and your life, then she will enter and reveal herself as Christ the Sophia. Through her, you will acquire gnosis (direct experience) of the Holy Bride and Risen Savior joined in mystical union with God.

This transmission is a spoken ritual to descend into the Radiant Darkness at a cellular and soulful level, carrying a prayerful longing to meet the Lady of Radiant Darkness, and all that this would entail.  The intention being, to retrieve lost fragments of self, ensnared within darkness, cast out from the Love of God. By trusting completely, the Lady of the Radiant Darkness, we can bring redemption to ourselves, as we uplift our soul to the Pleroma (Fullness) of the Nameless One.


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