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Spiritual L' Amoury of the Divine Feminine


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Spiritual L' Amoury of the Divine Feminine

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Spiritual L' Amoury of the Divine Feminine

Wearing The Royal Garments of the Goddess Transmission

Many of us have heard the term ‘The Armour of God’ and ‘Spiritual Warfare’, especially at this time. To me, this brings to mind visions of knights, gladiators, soldiers – solid men girded for war, wearing their protection on the outside as a defence against harm. Traditionally the “armour of God” consists of seven key elements: truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation, the Word of God, and prayer. We are told we must have on the whole armour of God if we want to be protected and accomplish what God has commanded us to do and to win this war.

Armour of God:

  • Belt of truth

  • Breastplate of righteousness

  • Shoes of the gospel

  • Shield of faith

  • Helmet of salvation

  • Sword of the spirit

  • Praying in the spirit

However, in this transmission, it is not Armoury, but L’ Amoury, the sheaths of l’amour, (Love) we clothe ourselves in.  I wish for us to approach the Goddess, especially Inanna as we offer ourselves to the feminine principle to sheath us with her Royal Garments. Inanna is known to have removed her Royal Garments when entering the Underworld, leaving her stripped of her power. I propose for this transmission we place these garments upon us and come to experience the Sheathing of the Divine Feminine. 

Royal Garments of the Goddess: 

  • Crown of Heaven

  • Lapis Lazuli Necklace 

  • Come, Man, Come Breastplate

  • Golden Cuff

  • Palla Dress 

  • Sceptre

  • Golden Ring 

  • Let Him Come, Mascara 

To the gatekeeper of the Underworld, Inanna appeared “as tall as heaven, as wide as the earth, [and] as strong as the foundations of the city wall.” (source)

Let us discover what spiritual armoury is for us now, in this age, and emanating from the Divine Feminine.

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