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Taking the War out of Man


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Taking the War out of Man

Pentecost (15th May) commemorates the ecstatic descent of the Holy Spirit into the Disciples, by a Mary. Was it Mary, the Mother of Jesus who initiated such an event, or was it Mary the Magdalen who marked the beginning of the true spiritual mission of the Christos.
This day also describes the Apostleship of Mary Magdalen and the mythic cycle of the feminine power represented in the descent, suffering and assumption of Sophia.
The Holy Spirit, the overlighting presence of all Mary's, like a great wind, blows into our spiritual life with something new, unexpected, and, even if somewhat unsettling, yet as a consoler and comforter that is not of this world.
And this transmission carries the same energy. We begin with a guided journey into the remembrance of The Temple and the receiving of the battle weary men as they returned from war. As the transmission unfolds the energy of these Holy Priestesses (Oracles) shall find their way into/emerge from the living depths of your psyche. If you are holding these Magdalene Codes – this transmission shall awaken them. Not only will the womb open and expand, but the Sacred Heart too, along with your own personal memories and feeling meetings.
This Transmission would serve:
*  Authentic connection with your Soul and the Holy Spirit (Mother of Magdalene)
*  The revealing of your Body's ability to Redeem, Atone and Save the Soul
*  The restoring of Holiness
*  The wiping clean of War, Isolation, Exile and Hopelessness
*  YOUR Connection to the Magdalene Lineage that is orchestrating ALL of this – for a reason
*  To install the energy and presence needed for ALL that is being asked of you at this time
On the morning of the transmission you shall receive a "How To" PDF and guided audio (spoken by Anaiya Sophia) into a Mystical Space to connect to this part of you, and what you are holding on behalf of this Lineage.

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