Holy Body Transmissions:

The Burning of the Great Library of Alexandria


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The Burning of the Great Library of Alexandria

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The Burning of the Great Library of Alexandria

As a fellow ancient Librarian, this transmission is to compassionately heal the Heart and Soul from those who remember the tragic loss of those great books and manuscripts. The famous library of Alexandria, Egypt, was one of the most important repositories of knowledge in the ancient world. Built in the fourth century B.C, it flourished for some six centuries, was the cultural and intellectual center of the ancient Hellenistic world, and was rumored to contain half a million papyrus scrolls — the largest collection of manuscripts in the ancient world — including works by Plato, Aristotle, Homer, Herodotus, Valentinus and many others. Some of the most brilliant minds of the period worked, studied and taught at the library. 

What was lost with the destruction of the Library of Alexandria is priceless — vast stores of manuscripts, history, and knowledge - A Living Wisdom. By being brave enough to revisit that terrible time, we shall surely know - that all was not lost. We now stand on the edge of the Great Remembrance - that we do not need to remember. Only to go forward - Knowing that we Know. This transmisison will bring to Life, the elegance, mystery and subtle connectiosn to the Great Works. This will be a Remembrance of tremendous proportions. 

This transmission would be a healing balm to all those who stand on the precipice of a Great Loss - to discover another Truth found in the experience of all being taken way. 


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