Holy Body Rituals & Ceremonies:
Six Gates of Grief

The Six Gates of Grief


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The Six Gates of Grief

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The Six Gates of Grief

A 6-Week Grief Vigil 

Starting 15th February 2018 and every Thursday thereafter for 6 weeks.

Join Pete and I on these 6 Weekly Zoom Calls, 6 Transmissions and Suggested Processes.  After reading The Wild Edge of Sorrow by Francis Weller, we felt compelled to create this Grief Vigil together.  

The Six Gates of Grief are a profound inquiry where we can identify our loses in each of the gates.  Every week we will delve into one of the gates, granting ourselves the permission and presence  to support ourselves and others facing death and loss. This sacred space welcomes Men and Women unto its fold.  Pete will voice his male grief,  and I, the feminine. 


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