Holy Body Transmissions:
The Virgin Speaks

The Gentle Stranger


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The Gentle Stranger

New Moon

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The Gentle Stranger

In Gnostic Circles, there is a sense of a Gentle Stranger dwelling within. This Gentle Stranger is a familiar, loving, benevolent presence who has been with us all along. More remarkable than the Soul, the Spirit and even the Heart, the Gentle Stranger is a presence we would be wise to commune with, learn from and become fully reunited with.

We are at a time once again when the Gentle Stranger bubbles to the surface asking, "do you hear me, now?"

This Gentle Stranger brings the inspiration, qualities and breath of fresh air that installs the desire to live closer to the Divine.

In other words - a Renaissance.

Join Anaiya in this exquisite deep dive that will bring us to the Gentle Stranger, where you will decide what happens next!

Will you listen, can you listen? Do you believe, will you believe?

The practices of the Gnostic Path are outrageously strong and mind-blowing! For that is their purpose, to shatter the perception of the learnt world, and open up to what is real and lasting.

However - there is a choice. Will you make this your utmost priority? For there are numerous forces ready to swerve your attention back to the ordinary.

At 8 pm Paris time Anaiya will be LIVE on zoom as she speaks the transmission from The Gentle Stranger directly to you. We will all hear something different. And when we play it back, different again.

There will be a recording sent to you afterwards with an audio and PDF file that is yours to keep


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