Holy Body Transmissions:
Immaculate Love

The Laying of Hands: Healing Mary


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The Laying of Hands: Healing Mary

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The Laying of Hands: Healing Mary

The Laying of Hands: Healing Mary

There is a promise the Holy Mother make to us that any soul needing comfort, vision, or strength can cry out to her, and Blessed Mother will immediately respond.

Let us come together under the shelter she offers us, and receive her Immaculate Love. May we seek to remember her miraculous, fierce enduring ways as if drawn into her heart for the very first time. I desire to discover the many forms of seeking her comfort, to brush off any doctrine or religious dishonesty. Our Lady was here long before the church, and hence, does not belong to it, but instead played a role within it.

She is very much here and is astonishing quick to reveal herself.


In an ancient ritual to the Holy Mother, there is a time to lay our hands upon her body. Working with a statue, painting or anything that symbolizes the Great Mother, we bring our hands to offer her comfort, protection, encouragement, healing and help, in order to bring her back to life.

If you have never done this before, you will be plunging into a new level of indescribable wisdom that pours through the heart!


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