Holy Body Transmissions:
Christos Sophia

The Mother of Royal Blood


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The Mother of Royal Blood

The Mother of Royal Blood

The Mother of Royal Blood is an aspect of the Sophia that ‘gives birth’ through the royal bloodline.  This aspect of her is part of the Blood Mysteries, an ancient practice of working with the womb, ovulation and menstrual cycle as a part of a woman’s (and man’s) spiritual path.

The Mother of Royal Blood is the rich and fertile holy womb of the Motherhood of God that conceives, gestates and births worlds, souls and all matters of creation in being that become “Love in Action”.  Purposeful energies, created to bring Light and Presence to the depths of matter. This mass transmission will be offered over the Full Moon, but it is a transmission that would be wisely received during the first night of your Moon Cycle.  When you sign up for this transmission you will receive an audio and PDF, use this again in the same way for the first day of your period.

By invoking the Mother of Royal Blood, this transmission of the ancient Blood Mysteries will awaken and activate your consciousness around your time of ovulation and bleeding.  Cultivating a rich and authentic connection with the mysteries of your womb, seeds of creation in your ovaries and the potent elixir of your menstrual blood as a substance of immeasurable orchestrating power.

I am going to be focusing more on the Blood Mysteries in the coming months, especially the moment of ovulation and bleeding. These mysterious aspects of the feminine cycle of life contain timings and offerings that when used wisely can significantly amplify all endeavors. 

Men can receive this transmission as a gateway into the Blood Mysteries and the healing of any sexual guilt, shame and disgust.


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