Holy Body Transmissions:
The Gnosis of Mary

The Original Body


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The Original Body

Full Moon

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The Original Body

In the beginning, as our Original Body was forming, it became consecrated. And that consecration still lives within us, waiting to be rediscovered. And that is something the world does not want us to do. In fact, it wants the opposite...

Join with Anaiya as we merge into a practice coming from the Vastness of the Mary Mysteries.

These great Priestesses knew the ways of consecration. To replace a tainted, soiled garment and to place upon us a Robe of splendour. To seal that splendour with heavenly fragrance and to make a choice, to live with this awareness. 

Our body is evolving. And a Renaissance is coming. More and more is emerging from beyond the stars. The Light of that which made us is drawing close.  Will we shield ourselves and hide, or step out into the Light and absorb?

Deep in this Wisdom Chamber, vast and almost incomprehensible insights can be received. Ways through this Great Crisis. Wisdom dwells in the body, and until that body is made sacred, only echoes of the past will surface.

There IS an emergence of a NEW Transmission - and the sanctification of the body and desires is how we receive it.

The Wisdom of this time is in our bodies - this is the saviour, this is the White Knight(ess)

And it's not to indulge, to worship, or to make beautiful - that is not the work.

The work is to listen, to get past the mind, to go past the mutterings of the past to be catapulted into a realm we have not been for a while.

Wisdom is not to be found in external sources but deep within the vast folds of your existence.

At 8 pm Paris time Anaiya will be live on a zoom call speaking this transmission. Afterwards, you will receive a recording in an audio file and a PDF that are yours to keep.



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