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Christos Sophia

The Pentagram of Purification

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The Pentagram of Purification

Every year for as long as I can remember I have marked the five days of The Passion with a purifying cleanse devoted to the Christification Process. This year however, we would like to invite you to join with us, as it will be Luc's first time too! Beginning on The Last Supper until the day of the Risen Christ we shall move through the five pentagonal forces of our own being, cleansing, purifying and transfiguring into something more beautiful and elevated.

The five forces are: The Physical Body, Sexual Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body and Soulful Body. Every day you there will be a prayer, transmission (distant activation), simple yogic kriya and ritualistic offering. Day one begins with the physical body, and day two towards the sexual etc. When you sign up to partake in this process you will be sent all the information through email, linked to a FB forum (if you chose too) and

The Christos Sophia transmissions invoke and communicate with the presence and power of the Holy Bride - the female emanation of the Christos, Christ the Sophia (Wisdom). In this five day process we shall be praying and working towards a deeper embodiment of the Christos Sophia union into all five realities. Deeply bringing through the palpable union of Masculine and Feminine Christ into our tangible lives to be integrated into our everyday living.

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