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The Priestesses of Darkness


GBP £ 11.00

The Priestesses of Darkness

The Priestesses of Darkness

The Three Marys were also known as the Priestesses of Darkness. They received their mysteries through the Ancient Mothers, a feminine lineage of primeval embodied wisdom. They teach the mysteries upon which the Priestesses of Light reflect. During this transmission we will come into gnosis (direct communication) with the Priestesses of Darkness.  This quality of transmission would serve the deeper interactions with Truth, and how that can and will shape your life, and the Temple Codes you may carry

This transmission would serve:

  • Your direct connection with the Priestesses of Darkness and their communication with you
  • Unveiling their primeval presence and inviting it into space
  • Opening to the deeper-mind where the light codes of Gnosis emerge
  • Understanding the relationship between Lightness and Darkness
  • Healing any fear around Primordial Darkness and the Feminine Principle

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