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The Temple of the Soul


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The Temple of the Soul

The Temple of the Soul

This transmission begins as a guided journey into the creation of “The Temple of the Soul”. It is here, in this self-sustaining and thriving inner space that we are able to source a deeply felt sense of safety, trust and love.  Many teachings tell us Love first, and then trust and safety will appear.  I disagree – I feel we need to first create a sense of safety, before renewed trust and love can authentically flow.

It is here in this transmission where you could find out for yourself whether you respond more willingly with this renewed sequence of creating self-love.  Use this process to shine light on your current challenges in the safety of your Soul Temple, see how the divine light reveals the innocent gift at the heart of all conflicts and troubles.

This Transmission would serve:

  • Authentic connection with your Soul
  • The revealing of your Soul’s Essence
  • The restoring of safety, trust and love
  • The ability to move and see through our times of challenge, uncertainty and conflict
  • The ever-present relationship between self and soul
  • YOUR Connection to the Magdalene Lineage that is orchestrating ALL of this – for a reason
  • To install the energy and presence needed for ALL that is being asked of you at this time

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