Holy Body Transmissions:

The Thunder, Perfect Mind


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The Thunder, Perfect Mind

All Hallow's Eve

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The Thunder, Perfect Mind

WARNING:  Powerful Transmission Up Ahead...

During the portal that is All Hallows Eve, Anaiya will recite 'Thunder - Perfect Mind', a paradoxical monologue spoken by an immanent feminine saviour thought to be the words of SOPHIA.

In gnostic myth this monologue, the female instructing principle, and the holy spirit as ONE- assists both Adam and all humankind, in order to recollect the power stolen by Ialdabaoth, the forces of anti-awakening. NOTE:  This is not spoken to Eve.  It doesn't need to be.

This transmission is extremely catalysing and shatters everything that is untrue and unjust. Its purpose is to relinquish the layer upon layer of lies that have been told to us, from the pure fabrication of the Bible to the actual truth of our origins. 

It's time to Wake Up beloved friends, we are not the only ones here.

This transmission would give you an impactful taste of SOPHIA, and the reason why Her wisdom has been diverted from us.  Once you hear these words, you will be in contact with Her.  This Kali-esque transmission is for those of us wishing to re-member and unite with our true sovereign power in the twilight when the veil is thinnest.  




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