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Twin Flame Wound


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Twin Flame Wound

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Twin Flame Wound

The Twin Flame Wound is either a) the feeling that you have already met your Twin Flame, but failed miserably. Or, b) you are not destined to meet your Twin Flame in physical form in this incarnation because "name your excuse, reason or justification"...Whichever, one it is, you will know there is a place in your heart that is a barren wasteland, avoiding at all costs even the consideration that you might be wrong. It is important to look at this because in this separate wasteland is the key to your true and full embodied union.

When this wound is healed you will be heading in the general direction of your authentic Sacred Union. This is a revelation that brings lasting realisation. Many people feel they have met their Twin Flame in stages of soul embodiment where that simply cannot be the case. Soul Embodiment has nothing to do with spiritual advancement, but the quality and quantity of your soul essence that is being lived in your everyday life.


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