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Union of Lilith and Eve


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Union of Lilith and Eve

Union of Lilith and Eve

This transmission is for those of who feel torn deep within our feminine nature. Every single woman, in every single tradition, in every single culture will have an Eve and a Lilith Complex. Throughout time this has often been referred to as the good/bad girl, the whore/virgin and/or the saint/sinner. Many ‘Creation Stories’ speak of the first Woman to be created as Lilith – a strong-willed, courageous, direct, sexually charged woman who left the Garden of Eden because Adam was being a pain in the ass and getting ‘above himself’… Then in comes Eve. A passive, gentle, innocent being who could co-create with Adam in a more harmonious way, due to her nature. Sounds like it all ended well doesn't it? Well, it didn’t. Lilith is still out/in there waiting to owned and encouraged into union with Eve. And this transmission would serve exactly that.

This Transmission would bring about:

  • The Reunion of Eve and Lilith
  • The courage to find Lilith and offer her Eve’s Sacred Heart
  • The humility to face Eve and offer her Lilith’s Sexual Power
  • To open to the possibility of becoming whole
  • A surging sense of love, power and wisdom
  • Unquestionable Connection to the Sacred Feminine lineage – and the importance of you being whole and unified to respond with great authority to your calling at this time

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