Holy Body Transmissions:
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Twin Flames of the Ovaries


GBP £ 11.00

Twin Flames of the Ovaries

Twin Flames of the Ovaries

There are nine psycho-physical portals that guard and guide the awakening of a woman’s sacred sexual journey. This is the journey from the entrance of the yoni to the mystical memories embedded within her womb. Every woman must take this journey at some stage in her life. The great depths of this journey are part of the Mary Mysteries.  The fifth gate – the Twin Flames of the Ovaries.  The gift of this gate is 'Recognition'. 


This transmission would serve:

  • The activation of your sexual healing journey
  • The conscious awareness of your feminine sexuality
  • Clearing your sexual past
  • Birthing your sexual self as a Temple
  • Strengthening the health and vibrancy of your womb/yoni


  • The embodiment of your Mary Lineage
  • The awakening of your sexual identity as a reflection of your soul
  • The revealing of Mary Salome’s Wisdom, as Ishtar
  • The authority to say Yes or No
  • The reclaiming of full and authentic Womb Power
  • The ability to transmit this permission to others

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