Holy Body Transmissions:
Taking the War Out of Man

Witnessing His Journey


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Witnessing His Journey

Witnessing His Journey

Inside the temple walls, a priestess would bathe, soothe, comfort, and anoint all of a man’s wounds—physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. As she worked, she would expand her magnetic field to absorb the man’s wounded energy, literally drawing the effects of war— all fragmented memories, fearful thoughts, and hidden traumas—out of his system. Thus, through the power and purity of her energy field and her feminine womb, she would gently and tenderly ‘pulse’ his reunion with his ancestors. She is the bridge, time and space where all of this is happening.  By Her witness, He shall heal...

This profound healing was gifted to man not because the priestess took on his wounds, but because she could transmute his suffering with the purity and power of her radiance. The luminosity of these temple prostitutes was of the highest light, not because they were gifted or special, though they were trained, but because they loved with all of their bodies. Their connection to the Mother was unsullied and pure, and hence their beings were incorruptible and deeply comforting. This transmission will lead you towards the inner realm where 'your' palpable codes of remembering are waiting...


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