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Womb: Gateway to Divine Intimacy


GBP £ 11.00

Womb: Gateway to Divine Intimacy

Womb: Gateway to Divine Intimacy

This transmission begins as a guided journey into the physical matter and light matter of the Womb.  The Womb contains the Innermost Sanctum, the Holy of Holies, that deep and secret place that houses your wild and erotic feminine innocence.  The innermost sanctum is where we may feel our sexual restlessness, an inconsolable emptiness and knowing that no one, not even yourself has ever been there, let alone shared deep love and communion.

This is the first transmission that initiates a journey I, myself am on. It is a journey into the full remembrance of The Temple.  I feel guided to listen carefully, and quietly to the innermost voice that is revealing and attuning this work.

Becoming aware of the Inner Sanctum is the first step. As women, we must be able to locate that deep inner realm, and remove all psychic obstructions, emotional blocks and residual memories of past ‘priestessing’.

This Transmission would serve: 

  • Authentic connection with your Womb and the Innermost Sanctum
  • The revealing of the Womb’s ability to Atone and Attune to the Soul Essence
  • The restoring of safety, trust and love in your Body
  • The wiping clean of all psychic obstructions, emotional blocks and residual memory of past ‘priestessing’.
  • YOUR Connection to the Mystical Traditions of the Christ Path that is orchestrating ALL of this – for a reason
  • To reveal the quality of energy and presence that is needed from you at this time to midwife the Great Birth that we shall witness in our lifetime

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