Holy Body

Full Moon Grail Ritual:  Concoction 2022

Welcome to this Full Moon Grail Ritual. A series of practices based upon the Mary Tradition and their use of Anointing and Grail Rituals.  The Brewing of Concoction: 2022  …


Creation of Holy Oil

The December 4th Solar Eclipse is coming up quickly.  And there is a calling to make some good medicine at this time. As you are no doubt feeling,  we are…


Birth of the White Rose Mystery School

Join with us at this time, when the Grail window casts it's light upon the floor of the Notre Dame de Sophia, a Chapel in the French Pyrenees just under…


Nine Petals of the White Rose

The body contains a map to enter the Mysteries of the White Rose, the most sublime offering of purity and humility for a high-level marriage of the Highest Order. The…


Consecration of the Light

There was more than one Grail. As a Priestess of Mary Magdalene, you would have a grail forged and fashioned from the Original One at a particular stage. Your most…


The Original Body

In the beginning, as our Original Body was forming, it became consecrated. And that consecration still lives within us, waiting to be rediscovered. And that is something the world does…


The Gentle Stranger

In Gnostic Circles, there is a sense of a Gentle Stranger dwelling within. This Gentle Stranger is a familiar, loving, benevolent presence who has been with us all along. More…


The Voice of Nature

This transmission will take you on a very deep journey to attune with the new rhythm of the seasons. I have this distinct feeling our four seasons are changing. Perhaps,…


The First Meeting

This NEW series of transmissions is coming through a “Virgin” statue, situated in a particular spot, right next door to the Earth Gate here in Les Contes, at the bottom…


Sacred Gifts Within Trauma

In certain surviving indigenous communities, symptoms that we in the West consider as manifestations of mental illness are taken as a signpost of impending illumination rather than disease. It is…


Attaining Attunement & Coherence

This NEW series of transmissions is coming through to assist us to heal in places we once imagined impossible. Trauma so often has no language to map or navigate it’s…


Robe of Light Transmission

The Five Seals is a baptism intended to activate Christ Consciousness of the initiate. The words used will be taken from Trimorphic Protennoia and the Secret Book of John (Cathars…



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