Holy Body

Wounded Warrior

The Wounded Warrior is the battle-weary soldier who refuses to ask for help. He carries his war-torn memories and daily physic bombardment in his body, not allowing anyone to come…


Magdalene Wound

The Magdalene Wound carries the fear and anguish of the Beloved being torn from you. There is this incessant dread that should you meet the Beloved, it is only a…


Twin Flame Wound

The Twin Flame Wound is either a) the feeling that you have already met your Twin Flame, but failed miserably. Or, b) you are not destined to meet your Twin…


Call of the Crypt

The Crypt. A stone chamber beneath the floor of a church or temple. A place that typically contains coffins, sarcophagi, or other religious relics. If you have ever been to…


Embodying the Fecund Feminine Spirit

Many years ago, a wild shaman whispered in my ear, “Nature shall remember Her own”. I shuddered, knowing and not knowing what he meant.  In that moment he connected…



The last and final step of this ancient practise is the entire handing over from the Priestess to the man's inner feminine.  For this work to be truly authentic…


Witnessing His Journey

Inside the temple walls, a priestess would bathe, soothe, comfort, and anoint all of a man’s wounds—physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. As she worked, she would expand her magnetic field…


Speaking His Name

With the utterance of his name, being spoken from the great depths of the womb - you are given the permission to recall his fragmented parts lost in loneliness, terror…


Removing the Breastplate

The breastplate in times of old would shield the warrior from fatal blows to his heart and chest. In this era many men have constructed an energetic breastplate for exactly…


Affirming His Will

At a certain stage in life, the warrior will have to "remove the key from underneath his mother's pillow".  This symbolises the Rite of Passage that frees his…


Awakening the Ancestors

He without his roots, is never enough for Her... and She without her roots lives as a man in a woman's body. This is the transmission that brings in the…


Restoring His Foundations

This first step along the path gives birth to the sacred ground upon which he will stand.  Using our priestess wisdom, we will build with him the foundational…



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