Mary, Sarah and the Journey to France Talks:
Words of Wisdom

Mary, Sarah and the Journey to France

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Mary, Sarah and the Journey to France

Recorded during Mary Magdalene’s Birthday and the Feast Day of Sara’h

A rudderless boat bobs helplessly on a storm-swollen sea and those on board face certain death…but then a miracle occurs. Guided by the hand of the Goddess, an Oracle Gypsy Queen wades into the water with her multi coloured, multi layered Romany dress and brings the boat safely to the shores of Provence. Out steps Mary Magdalene, and a handful of significant and suprising others who are as ripe as a peach to spread The Word throughout the South Western Region of Southern France.

Join me for Six Nights of Mystical and Accurate (ish) Storytelling taking place at the time this arrival is known to have happened. Stories that stir the ancient flavour of these days revealing why, how and what happened as the Feminine aspect lead The Way throughout a birthing Europa.

  1. The Arrival
  2. The Journey
  3. The Valley of Love
  4. The Mountains
  5. Pure Grace
  6. The Continuation

13 Nighttime Tales that are live, recorded and yours to keep. With pure storytelling passion, I will bring the history of the Cathars alive by introducing you to the key characters, one tale at a time. During these 13 nights together, we will understand how Mary Magdalene, Lazarus and John the Beloved birthed the Light in France, as it spread in communities of heretical liberty across Europe. These tales will ignite something incorruptible and ready to blaze at a time that can seem so very far from the Love many of us can still remember. Starting on the 4th March, the final tale will take us to the 16th, the last fateful day of the Cathars, as the stronghold of Montsegur - fell. Only to rise 777 years later! For we have returned...

  • Mary Magdalene
  • John The Beloved
  • Guilhabert de Castres
  • Esclarmonde de Foix
  • Guiraude de Lavaur
  • Blanche of Laurac
  • Pierre-Roger de Mirepoix
  • Corba Hunaud de Lanta
  • Raymond de Péreille
  • Raimond-Roger the Comte de Foix
  • Esclarmonde d'Alion
  • Raymond-Roger Trencavel
  • Guilhem Bélibaste (Last Parfait)


“Lady, I am yours and will be yours;

I have been yours for as long as time.

You were my first joy and will remain my joy until the end—so long as my life endures.”


These 'must-have' audiobooks will take you on a massive journey, where memories, aspects of self, and deep knowing will surface and bring the resources you never knew you had.


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