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Love Letters from Mary Magdalene - by Kristian Strang

In Love Letters From Mary Magdalene: The Untold Tale of Her Life, Love & Legacy, you'll find 22 love letters that Mary Magdalene wrote to you to set the record straight about her life, her Love with Yeshua (the one known as Jesus Christ) and the legacy they set into motion over 2,000 years ago - including what you have to do with all of it. Read on for free sample and link to purchase!


Sense of Soul Podcast with Shanna

Aletheia discusses Sophia Wisdom for Our Time on Sense of Soul Podcast with Shanna


Dating with Confidence

Want to become a Confident Goddess? Join me with host Barbara Santen and 13 other experts at this free online event and learn how to shift old patterns that have kept you single, create new habits and mindsets and to finally attract the one for you, even with online dating! We will be talking shifting beliefs, habits and patterns getting getting your full womanly confidence back, so join us - and it's FREE!

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Ruby Ray Podcast: The Last Cathar Prophecy of the 700th Year

Mystic, Minister and author of Sacred Wisdom Anaiya Sophia joins the podcast to talk about the Last Cathar Prophecy. On August 4th, 1321 at 8am, Guilhem Belibaste spoke a prophecy as he was being burned at the stake in the Occitan region of Southern France. He said, "we shall return again in 700 years when the laurel turns green again." This was 701 years ago.


Feminine Empress Activation Temple

It’s about time for a Feminine Upgrade! I am excited to be a temple-teacher inside the FEMININE EMPRESS ACTIVATION TEMPLE, which is a FREE online series created by Jonita Dsouza.…


Grief, Grace, God... dess!

An online soul cleansing pilgrimage. Cleansing our bodies, beings, minds and hearts from residual pain, trauma, loss, sadness, frustration and regrets. And all that 2022 has held for us. Join me with host Sharon Ann Rose and 13 other presenters as we OPEN together with everyone online to receive PURE LOVE flowing in, as we begin a new year and fresh start together in 2023. Runs from December 26 to January 1


Womb Oracle Journey: 7 Days of Sacred Feminine Wisdom

Join me and 6 other powerful women, deeply connected to their womb wisdom and leading the rise of the Divine Feminine on Mother Earth on a no-cost 7-day journey that brings you messages of love, hope and courage and provides guidance on how to navigate the current times of transition.  Hosted by Emmi of Feminine Revered, this FREE journey runs from 26 December 2022 to 01 January 2023 and ends with a live closing ceremony facilitated by Emmi, that will be grounding us powerfully into womb power, love, unity, compassion, and gratitude in sacred sisterhood.

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The Fierce Compassion of the Divine Feminine

The Empress is coming! It is time to move our world into a hopeful future.  It is time to cultivate compassion, character, courage and grace in all areas of our lives and businesses. It is time to move humanity toward a brighter tomorrow! So join me at this very special Global Event that you're going to love: The Fierce Compassion of the Divine Feminine ~ Entering the Era of the Empress, airing online from December 12-16 has been designed to share tools to assist you in harnessing the powerful feminine energy that is hitting the planet right now!

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Arise + Awaken

Join me and host Christina Miglino along with 14 other speakers for this FREE, two-day virtual experience to explore Working with The Dark Goddess in preparation for 2023, the year of Divine Feminine Liberation! We will hold this circle as a ceremony space, a connection space, and a healing & grieving space for all women and non-binary folks on a mission to take back our power and own our freedom. There will be ritual, spiritual activism, experiential learning and healing collectively and individually. Runs December 2-3 - and it's FREE!

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Soul Driven Podcast

Join us in this moving conversation with Timiann Olson about following your heart.  About seeing LOVE in the eyes of a beggar and about coming home within and with all. This conversation was recorded in the Notre Dame de Sophia at Les Contes.

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Witches Reclaiming  the Round Table Global Online Summit

The Witches Reclaiming the Round Table Global Online Summit opens sacred space for The Witches to take their seat once again beside the Knights of the Round Table.I'll be there, and I hope you can join us! It's FREE!

This summit invites The Witches back onto the centre stage where they belong to sing their soul song once again. It’s a call for the continued rising of the witches to reclaim that deep wisdom and gnosis which is rising from the ashes now to support the continued creation of our new earth, alongside The Knights. 



Earth Warrior Rising

The old paradigm is dying. The old ways of being, creating and achieving has left us weary, depleted and unfulfilled. There is a new paradigm coming, one where we are walking in our personal power, in deep connection to Source and each other, and to walk the sacred way in achieving our callings in a way that fulfills us too.

I invite you to join me in this heart-activated online experience organized by Lotus Sky running from May 17-20. This experience contains the most pioneering conversations with the most powerful leaders who have walked the talk, and LIVED this path of new paradigm leadership. And I look forward to seeing you there!




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