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Great Health Now

Join Anaiya on “Great Health NOW!” with Health and Mindset Coach, Jodi Geline. More than 20 experts, including Anaiya, come together to share strategies and tools for creating great…

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Ignite Your Creative Power

Birgit Langhammer talks with Anaiya about unlocking your greater potential within in this interview.


Radical Self Love Summit Part II

If you struggle with loneliness, feeling stuck, a lack of purpose, or can’t seem to create the health, prosperity, business or relationship that you deeply desire, then this interview series…

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Pleasure Principles

Anaiya Sophia and Sophia Leva-Marie discuss how women can boost their sexual health and vitality. As well as know how to move on after the Gate Opener...


The Authentic Woman Summit

Join Anaiya with presenter Andrea Theisz for this summit of interviews focusing on inner confidence and changing your life for the better!

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Make Love, not WAR

Anaiya talks with host Amanda Haywood in this summit appearance focusing on enjoying your relationship NOW


Elevated Women Summit

Anaiya talks about The Power of the Woman, Sexual Energy, Shame, Masturbation, Tantrikas, and Taking the War Out of Men with host Anya Grace


Radiate Confidence Summit

Anaiya and 20 other experts, all teaching how to help you live your fullest life and find that true, lasting love you’ve always wanted.


Sexual Freedom for Women

Kristina Campbell talks with Anaiya at the Sexual Freedom for Women Summit


Womb Empowerment

Watch Anaiya and host Nalaya Chakana as they discuss clearing the womb after love, and related womb insights!


Goddess Woman Immersion

Join Anaiya Sophia as she speaks with Tash Mitch as a taster for the 8-week immersion Goddess Woman Summit Sign up for this summit - click here


The Virtual Global Goddess Fest

Join Anaiya at this online festival uniting men and women around the world to uplift and inspire each other to bring their visions into reality in a bold and authentic way while honoring feminine energy. Runs  through January. 8-13, 2018

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