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Womb Centered Leadership Initiation

Anaiya talks with Kristina Korpik at an online Council of feminine powerhouses, creative manifestors, priestesses, soulpreneurs and change-makers transforming the face of feminine leadership.

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Anaiya talks with Jeneth Blackert

Real Raw YOU | Synergy Podcast is filled with oneness, being, vibrancy and living on this planet in harmony with all things.

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Reclaiming Your Inner Goddess

Going live on October 2nd! Join this free Summit with Anaiya, hosted by Meredith Volker

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Sacred Sexuality & the Threefold Flame

An interview with Anaiya for The Relationship Mastery Series Online Summit with Dr. Allen Darbonne


Feminine Purpose Masterclass

Anaiya with Meagan Ruppert. A Grrreat video interview ranging across Mary Mysteries, Taking the War out of Man, Sacred Temple Work and the Lineage of Eve.... and how we need…


Sex, Love & Feminine Power

Dear Friends One of my colleagues, Feminine Empowerment Coach, Lillie Claire Love, has put together a FREE series for Women and I am one of the Featured Experts! The Sex,…


Spoon of Consciousness

Talking relationships with Anaiya Sophia


Standing in your Creative Power

with Alexis Cohen and Anaiya Sophia


Ecstatic Shiva/Shakti Meditation

Anaiya shares one of her "Inner Marriage" techniques. Taken from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga - she reveals just how real these experiences actually are! Enjoy Beloved Friends!


SACRED SEXUALITY - An intimate conversation from the heart with Anaiya Sophia

with Victoria Vives at EarthSky People Radio This may be the most valuable and healing for our collective at this moment. Find answers regarding: Sexual Healing in the New…



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