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Ecstatic Shiva/Shakti Meditation

Anaiya shares one of her "Inner Marriage" techniques. Taken from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga - she reveals just how real these experiences actually are! Enjoy Beloved Friends!


SACRED SEXUALITY - An intimate conversation from the heart with Anaiya Sophia

with Victoria Vives at EarthSky People Radio This may be the most valuable and healing for our collective at this moment. Find answers regarding: Sexual Healing in the New…


Divine Feminine: Fast Track to Femininity

An Interview between Anaiya Sophia and C.J.Liu at Fire It Up Radio


Renaissance of the Temple

with Dr Amanda Noelle and Anaiya Sophia. The conversation of the Summer... "If not now - when?"


Simon on the Sofa with Anaiya Sophia and Pete Wilson

A transparent conversation on transparency, sacred spaces, sexuality, the divine, raw immaculate truth, how to know when a women wants a man to drop deeper into his truth, healing our…


Anja Miraclewalker Sagan interviews Anaiya Sophia

Can our sexual nature have a divine purpose to it? Could it be that all we have come to believe about the true nature of sexuality has been obscured by…


Who is Lilith​?

​Dive into the depth of her story, and make that story your own. Watch this amazing interview​ with Julianne Reynolds, Romanski Films. ​


Naked: The Dialogues

with Simon Paul Sutton & Anaiya Sophia


Wise Women Summit

Patricia Parashakti Lohan talks with Anaiya Sophia at www.wisewomensummit.com



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